Sensory deprivation en route to Commonwealth Bay

With the portholes closed on our deck we have no sense of day or night. We are now woken by the wake-up call rather than the sun streaming in the window.

My encounter with sea-sickness was the first of two episodes and so I am now a fully fledged member of Club Mal de Mare.

As also desperate times lead to creativity and so I have penned a club song.

Welcome, oh welcome to Club Mal de Mare,

Tuck in your T-shirt and tie back your hair,

For soon you’ll be spreading your lunch everywhere,

When staying at Club Mal de Mare


At Club Mal de Mare, we don’t make a fuss,

We travel with “Expeditions ‘R’ uss”

So keep a firm grip on the porcelain bus,

And you’ll soon be at Club Mal de Mare


At Club Mal de Mare we’re not big on music,

Our Rockin’ and Rollin’ is sure to make you sick,

So grab a white bag and make sure you use it,

Until you leave Club Mal de Mare.


At Club Mal de Mare everyone’s a winner,

You gain membership when you lose your dinner,

And return to New Zealand remarkably thinner,

After four weeks at Club Mal de Mare.


Since it is now twelve days to Christmas, I have also re-written the twelve days of Christmas.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true gave to me,

Twelve birders snapping,

Eleven shags-a-shagging,

Ten terns-a-turning,

Nine Günter Neine!,

Eight all my dinner,

Seven seconds later,

Six glasses smashing,

Five metre waves,

Four lists of birds,

Three French men,

Two pairs of gloves

And “The Sprit of Enderby”

We are now in the 60s latitudes and approaching iceberg territory. The water and air temperature are both 1 degree. We had brief snow flurries this morning but they were gone by the time I got to a window on the deck above.

I am puzzled as to why you have portholes on both sides of the ship. Shouldn’t half of them be called starboard holes?

There is a guessing competition in the library where you have to guess the time that our first iceberg will be sighted. The competition closes at 1300, so I guess we might expect to see our first one today.

The lecture program postponed from yesterday is being attempted today, so I guess Rodney is putting a lot of faith in his prediction of calmer weather.

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