Into the washing machine

61° 24 minutes South 150° 58 minutes East.

The sea picked up overnight and the ship is bobbing like a champagne cork in a Jacuzzi. There is a 24 knot wind whipping up the chop and we are only making about 6.5 knots which is half our usual speed.

I did a little bit of filming and had breakfast, but I think I will take a horizontal approach to the day until conditions improve.

Lunch has just concluded and in our dinning room an entire table was empty. People are simply not up to eating at the moment. The captain has engaged the second engine so we are going a little quicker, presumably to get to the calm water quicker, however this has made the ride a little rougher. Damned either way. Rodney has deemed the lecture room too dangerous to use and he has postponed so the lectures. The weather is not expected to improve until tomorrow. It if does, then filming and other activities can recommence. In the meantime my mattress is looking attractive.

We just finished our last Tuesday dinner. Next Tuesday our only meal on the boat will be breakfast.

The weather has eased a bit, but as a precaution I am limiting my non-horizontal times.

We are due into the Auckland Islands on the evening of 23 December, so we are another three full days at sea. Hopefully those three days will be better than today, but there is no guarantee with this fickle weather. On 24 December in the evening we will move to a different anchorage in the Aucklands and hopefully be able to go ashore. We will have Christmas there. On Boxing day we will sail to the Snares, but since we cannot land there we will be confined to a Zodiac cruise. We are in the home stretch now and for every day to come I can say this is our last (insert day name) on the boat. This is slightly uplifting although the thought of another three days at sea is a mitigating factor.

Calmer weather will lead to more activity, a more occupied mind and a less depressing outlook.

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