Some relief

54° 44 minutes South, 161°33 minutes East.

The sea calmed down overnight and we have only 26 hours until we get to the Auckland Islands.

Of course, that is not home. It feels a bit like “Lost in Space” where they wanted to go back to Earth, but first they had to make it to Alpha Centauri. The Auckland Islands is our Alpha Centauri.

I have done the pre-alpha edit of the video and can already see a few missing shots I need to get. I will grab Matt shortly and tighten up the existing edit, before going to film some more (victims), stars.

The ocean remained very calm during the day to enable some more filming and editing. All of the footage shot so far has been put into the final product and so we know the gaps to fill and have a fair idea of how to film them. We hope to get a group shot on the bow of the ship tomorrow. This activity kept me busy and I had a very enjoyable day. In fact it is amazing how quickly a day can pass when you are doing something varied and enjoyable and not lying down watching the minutes tick by on your watch. (Not that my watch actually ticks, but you get my drift.)

Life at sea is bitter sweet. Rodney has just revealed that we have made great time and will arrive at the Auckland Islands early. They will come into sight around breakfast time and we will there by about 1030. However, he has not secured any permits to land tomorrow and so the best that we will get will be a Zodiac tour. The permits he has don’t kick in until 24 December. That will be 12 days since last we stepped foot on solid ground. I am not sure what time on 24 December the permits are valid, so I can’t count the hours anymore.

Some people have been getting very cliquey lately. At dinner I usually randomly pick the port or starboard dining room and then sit at the first available seat. This varies depending on how early or late I get to the meal. Tonight I did that and was told to move on as the seat was reserved.  This is the first time this has happened and was a little off-putting. The Francophones always seem to have a table to themselves, but I guess linguistically it is easier for them.

We had yet another birthday day. The novelty has worn off.

Even so I am looking forward to tomorrow because it is my birthday. Not that I will get a birthday cake, because I asked not to have one, however, tomorrow I do get to listen to the special birthday message that Sue has recorded and open the present she gave me.

My next entry will be tomorrow morning when both you and I will find out about the message and the present.

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