The year begins

It is the first day of the working year for me and I am sitting in a morgue. Not literally. I am on the train, but I have never heard it so silent. No one is talking or even making a sound apart from the occasional cough. The sound of me tapping the keyboard of my laptop is reverberating throughout the carriage. I am almost reluctant to continue. In getting the laptop out of my bag, the sound of velcro opening was like the sound of the very space-time continuum being torn asunder. As if I was opening a wormhole in time and we would all be sucked to oblivion. This is surely what the Mayans had predicted.

I suspect the sombre outlook of my fellow passengers is because for many of them too it is the start of the working year. Burdened by new year’s resolutions and the thought of spending the first half of the day telling their fellow workers what they did over the holidays and the second half of the day wading through accumulated email. This includes the 157 emails showing little known colleagues head superimposed on dancing elves and singing some climatically inappropriate song about snow and eggnog.

For me this is the beginning of the end. My job, which was a term appointment, runs out in June 2012 and I have until this time to find another job. This is a reasonable amount of time and enough time to partly retrain with a new set of skills. What they are I don’t know. My holiday encouraged me to pursue photography, but it would be a long time before I could make a living out of it. There is also the proof reading business with a similar ramp-up time. I could go back to tour guiding in the mountains as a couple of companies are based there. There is also the chance of jobs in Bathurst and (less likely ) Lithgow.


My day didn’t start well. I was half way to Coxs River Road when I looked in the rear vision mirror and saw our new dog following me. I stopped the car and tried to encourage her to get in the car, but each time I got close to her she would run away. Sue came in the other car and was able to pick her up immediately. This is just one of the ‘teething problems’ we have had with the new dog. This made me late and I had to break the world land speed record to make it to the train. Having raced for the train, it was then late and there was a further delay at Katoomba as the staff tried to fix a fault with the train. (Pulling out of Mount Victoria, all the doors were open, so that might have been the problem.) The train is running 15 minutes late, so not a good start to the year.

I’m not sure why I decided to write all this down. Perhaps it is all part of the new year feeling and a way of exploring what is going through my head. It is probably enough for now.

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