• Lima 2007
2013 Events

Rest Hotel Reunion

2012 Events

Winter Magic Festival

2011 Events

Belinda\'s 21st

2010 Events

The Rest Hotel Reunion, City to Surf, Ironfest, Under the Sun exhibition

2009 Events

Manly Inflatable Boat Race, Sculpture by the Sea

2008 Events

Sculpture by the Sea, Movember

2007 Events

Sculpture by the Sea, Botany Beach protest

2006 Events

Sculpture by the Sea

2005 Events

Sculpture by the Sea, A Day on the Green, Pat Drummond Christmas Cruise

2004 Events

Sculptures by the Sea, Fathers Day Hail Storm

2003 Events

Iraq War Protest

AJ Jack
Cadastral Information Quality Assurance Officer at NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation – Spatial Services
My career objective is to use my computing and business training to improve your business processes and get more out of your limited corporate resources.

Specialties: IT project management, government administration, reporting, business analysis, systems analysis, training, network management, open source software.

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