Work Photos

  • Outward Bound 2007
Warragamba Dam 2010

Work field trip to Warragamba Dam

Orange Stormwater

Stormwater harvesting for drinking water in Orange NSW

Recycling Projects

A variety of recycling projects

Orica GTP

The Orica Groundwater Treatment Plant

Malabar STP

A tour of the Malabar Sewage Treatment Plant

Flynns Reserve GPT

An EMS audit of a construction site.

Sydney Water

Photos from my time at Sydney Water (mostly the new Parramatta office)

AJ Jack
Cadastral Information Quality Assurance Officer at NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation – Spatial Services
My career objective is to use my computing and business training to improve your business processes and get more out of your limited corporate resources.

Specialties: IT project management, government administration, reporting, business analysis, systems analysis, training, network management, open source software.

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