ReversesYears ago I began writing and performing bush poetry. It has been published in the Australasian Post and the ABC book called “Songs and Stories of Australia”. I also had one poem on each of Volume One and Volume Three of the “Songs and Stories of Australia” CD. In 1988, I released a cassette called “Re-Verses”.

The Album Tracks

There are 14 tracks in all, 12 were recorded live in the Pioneer Tavern at Penrith. The other two were done in a studio. The album was produced by Roger Corbett.

Side One

  1. In Praise of the TV Housewife
  2. Gone to God
  3. John Brown’s Body
  4. The Original Football Jersey
  5. The Quest for Roo-tail Soup
  6. City of My Dreams
  7. Defect Match

Side Two

  1. A Flash in the Pan
  2. The Day of Rest
  3. Roman History
  4. The Ghost of Grey Mare Hut
  5. Maggie the Aviatrix
  6. The Frenchie Revolution
  7. The Tale of Billy Carpenter and Smith’s Elastic Brace

One Gig Poems

These are poems written just for one concert.

The Songs

The Love Songs

The Early Days

Odds & Ends

The Dark Side!

Short Stories

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