A Song for Sarah

I thought I’d found my soul mate,
And nothing could go wrong,
And finally I’d get the chance,
To write a real love song.
For my soul had been enlightened,
By the laughter and the art,
Of a woman with the power,
To touch a cynic’s heart.

We’d made love under gum trees,
While the Southern Cross shone bright,
And we’d made beer in her kitchen,
Under harsh fluorescent light,
From exotic to domestic,
Life with her was not a bore,
And we taught each other things,
That we had never known before.

I’d smiled with her through happy times,
And held her as she’d wept
For all the men she’d left behind,
With promises unkept,
I thought the bond was so strong,
That it seemed to me absurd
How my whole life could be shattered,
When she whispered four small words.

She told me “I don’t love you
I’ve known it from the start,
But I thought I could make space for you,
Somewhere inside my heart
I cannot carry on like this
It’s useless to pretend,
I can’t love you as a lover,
Only love you as a friend.”

Though long ago and far away,
The thought still makes me cry,
As I put these words to paper,
Long before the tears are dry,
But I need to stop pretending,
I can make a brand new start,
With the woman with the power,
To break a cynic’s heart.

© copyright A Jack 1998

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