Bastard on the Bridge

The gig at the Observer,
Had been a quiet night,
But Pat was full of energy,
We had to put that right,

He said “What will we do now?”
(Pulled a tinnie from the fridge)
“Let’s go over to Milson’s Point,
And climb the Harbour Bridge.”

We climbed over the barbed wire fence,
But what we didn’t know,
Was two guys from security,
Had seen us from below.

They said “We’re the men from Aardvark,
And we know what to do,
So get your arse down here
Before we set the dogs on you.

Daddy won’t be home tonight,
Daddy’s in the clink,
Photographs and fingerprints,
Lots of time to think,
They took his belt and shoelaces,
He’s got a record now,
He got caught up the Harbour Bridge,
By Aardvarks on the prowl.

We were taken up the cop shop,
Where they held an inquisition,
And we wrote our statements out,
Just like 3rd grade compositions.

We sat there laughing in the dock,
But as the fun was startin’,
The sergeant said “Your criminals,
This ain’t no kindergarten”

The judge was quite a bastard,
And finished off our fun,
He said that we were guilty,
And fined us each a ton,

So if you’re gonna climb the bridge,
Make sure its after dark,
And keep a good eye open,
For those two men from Aardvark.

©copyright A Jack 1987
Note: On 19/2/87, AJ Jack, Pat Drummond and Steven Green were arrested for climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They were arrested by “Aardvark Security Services”


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