Home Amongst the Factories

(To the tune ‘Home among the Gumtrees’)

I’ve been around this state maybe once, or maybe twice,
And in a way, I’m bound to say, it all looked rather nice,
But when the people ask me where I like to reside,
I tell them there’s no doubt.

Give me a house right in the city,
Dirty and gritty,
Where carbon fumes are sweet perfumes,
A factory out the back,
A highway out the front,
And thick choking air.

I’ll be standing in the kitchen, boiling up some peas,
Covered in DDT,
But we don’t mind insecticide,
Later on we’ll go outside and sit in all the smog,
And watch the flowers die.

CHORUS: Give me a house…

There’s a factory on the corner, treatment works down the road
And a rubbish tip across the street where nothing ever grows,
But who’d ever want a farm where hens and roosters crow,
And the cows keep you awake.

CHORUS: Give me a house…

Some people live in house with She-Oaks by the sea,
But I can easily tell you what is the life for me,
It’s living in the shadow of a big refinery,
With a plastics works close behind.

CHORUS: Give me a house

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