(I still dream of) Pakenham Upper

To the tune “I still call Australia Home” by Peter Allen

As sung by Pat Drummond

I’ve been to cities that ought to be closed,
Like Lithgow and Goulburn which should be bulldozed,
But when I go to bed after having my supper,
I still dream of Pakenham Upper.

It’s quite and peaceful like Melbourne at dawn,
It’s vibrant and lively like Sydney mid morn,
But when darkness descends, you’re in for a fright,
It’s Pakenham Upper all night.

You might think my home town’s a bit of a bore,
After all that you’ve seen, done and read,
But the bright lights of Pakenham Upper still call,
As they flash green, then amber, then red.

You must meet my girlfriend, she really is nice,
She comes from the town that I’ve sung about twice.
And if you saw my girlfriend, you’d probably mutter,
I wouldn’t mind Pakenham Upper

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  1. Never thought I would see the day that a song written with the name of Pakenham Upper in it.
    That’s where I was born and reared, many a happy day I spent there on the Gembrook Road.
    Oh how it has changed.

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