It’s a Dog’s Life

About five miles from Gundagai,
There rests a faithful pup,
That sits upon a Tucker Box,
And never gives it up.

A patience dog that seldom moves,
It wears no chain or collar,
But does its job successfully,
Attracting tourist dollars.

A mangy mutt of metal,
Is what they flock to see,
“A great historic landmark”,
(A rip off more likely).

Placed high atop pedestal,
Surrounded by a fountain,
You make a wish and toss a coin,
(Which soon piles into mountains)

The tourists scramble off the bus,
Into the shop they jog,
To buy postcards for folks back home,
They don’t look at the dog.

A tea-towel, cap or t-shirt,
Cloth badges by the score,
And each emblazoned with,
That little dog we all adore.

Well “The dog upon the Tucker Dog”,
Is known throughout the land,
It’s crappy plastic souvenirs,
Are always in demand.

But if you look up closely,
You’ll notice there’s a hitch,
That Dog upon the Tucker Box,
Is actually a bitch.

©copyright A Jack 1985

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