John Brown’s Body

As read by the author.

The cleaner of John Brown’s office,
Had every reason to complain,
The Minister’s desk had been soiled,
She had trouble removing the stain.

A lacy bra hung from the ceiling,
She followed a trail of socks,
There were clothes on the floor,and just one thing more,
The ashtray held somebody’s jocks.

The office had been locked before hand,
But the secret of what went on in it,
Was revealed in fact, by the ministers wife,
In an episode of “60 Minutes”.

Now John Brown had just been promoted,
She wanted to lay done the law,
So at his request, they made use of the desk,
Cos he might do his back on the floor.

When asked his political future,
He said, “Let me tell you one thing,
I’ve just been down on the Murray,
The erection campaign’s in full swing.

©copyright A Jack 1987
John Brown was the Australian Federal Minister for Tourism in 1987.

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