One day you’re gonna get caught

To the tune “Memphis Tennessee”

Long distance information,
This is Memphis Tennessee,
Put me in touch with Canberra,
I’ve got to ring Tammy,
I haven’t got much time to waste,
So won’t you hurry please,
I’m standing in a lobby,
With a towel around my knees.

I don’t remember much last night,
But I could not get home,
I checked into a motel room,
And called myself ‘Joan Jones’
I bunked down with a group of nuns,
Who were quite shocked to see
A half naked ex-Prime Minister,
In Memphis, Tennessee.

They said I had a naughty night,
But that’s not true at all,
Though there is a strange phone number,
Written on my bedroom wall,
And the headlines on the radio,
Newspapers and TV.,
Said ‘Malcolm Fraser’s Night Of Shame,
In Memphis Tennessee’.

It may have been embarrassing,
They thought I must have cracked,
But I’ve won an advertising deal,
With ‘Hole-proof Underdaks’,
The moral to this story is,
As you can plainly see,
Don’t get caught with your trousers down,
In Memphis Tennessee.

© Copyright A Jack 1987

This was written after an embarrassing  incident involving Malcolm Fraser in a Memphis Hotel.

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