Roman History

As read by the author.

In times of Ancient Rome,
Was an Emperor called Nero,
In the Morgan Gallop polls,
His approval rate was zero.

Some say his was a madman,
Some say he was a coward,
But at least he was a leader,
(Which is better than John Howard).

He used to play the fiddle,
Rather badly some would say,
Till his servants who could stand no more,
Said ‘Nero, go away’.

A quick tempered pyromaniac,
Whose self-esteem was down,
He grabbed a match and started
Setting fire to the town.

When the flames were reaching skywards,
He recommenced the din,
While Rome was burning fiercely,
Nero played his violin.

Before long he was surrounded,
By the buildings he had torched,
And his eyesight quickly faded,
As his eye were singed and scorched.

So remember Nero’s story,
And always keep in mind,
If you fiddle with yourself,
You’re likely to go blind.

© copyright A Jack 1987

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