See you in December

We’d roamed the world two years or more,
Though sometimes far apart,
But we’d overcome the distances,
That lay between our hearts,
As we said goodbye in Gothenburg,
Those words I still remember,
She said “Jag älska dig,
See you in December”

December came upon us,
And nine long months had past
And we both were different people,
From who we were in March,
Our raging flame of love,
Had burnt down to an ember,
And though I loved her still,
I didn’t see her in December

For I’d fallen for my mistress,
Who’d been with me all along,
But I never thought my love for her,
Could ever grow so strong,
Till one night in Blue Gum Forest,
I became a true believer,
I knew I loved Australia more,
And I could never leave her.

But I won’t forget that final kiss,
And her last words, so tender,
She said “Jag älska dig,
See you in December”

© Copyright Anthony Jack 1992
Jag älska dig, is Swedish for “I love you”

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