States of Depression No.2

My sister slashed her wrists and drained her life away,
And Dad was always late for work and too busy to play,
So I grew up a loner free to live and free to roam,
With no one close to love me and no place to call a home.

Most people put on masks to keep their feelings hid,
I learnt that lesson long ago when I was just a kid,
Too proud to say ‘I love you’ or cry out when in need,
The barriers grow thicker and still my sister bleeds.

The human side of people is very rarely seen,
We’re too frightened of embarrassment to say just what we mean.
And the reason we’re so lonely in this crazy world today,
Is because all of the simple things can be so hard to say.

When you’re weighed down with depression and your will to live has gone,
Try giving it another chance and try to struggle on,
But if there’s no one left to listen and hear what you’ve to say,
I suggest you take your life, you’ll be better off that way.

© copyright A Jack 1984
This was written after someone I knew attempted suicide for the third time. The forth time, she succeeded.

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