That Special Time of Year

Christmas is a sacred time,
To mark the birth of Christ,
When we all can have a holiday,
And things go up in price.

A family time, a happy time,
Of peace and love and joy,
When Santa Claus invades the shops,
And tries to flog you toys.

You’ll find him on the second floor,
Just past the haberdashery,
And right next to the checkout,
In that Bankcard, cheque or cash please?

We buy a thousand presents,
But we can’t afford to pay,
So we put it on our charge card,
And get the bill in May.

So soon that one big day arrives,
With tinsel, trees and holly,
And you stuff yourself till bursting
With peanuts, chips and lollies.

It’s somehow lost its magic,
It’s not like Christmas past,
And the only Christmas spirit left,
Is sitting in my glass.

© Copyright A Jack 1983.

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