2011 Mawson Centenary Voyage

With the prospect of 12 days at sea without setting foot on land, it’s time to make a movie.

2010 Tree Felling Course

The 2007 Rescue Competition

This video was placed here after YouTube disabled the audio on their site due to copyright reasons.

2007 Rescue Competition Practice

A mass casualty exercise.

Exercise Stormfront 2008

A storm and water training exercise.

Falling out of the Sky

A very good hangover cure.

The “Have a Go Show”

My first appearance on this classic talent show.

The “Have a Go Show” – Reprise

After being ripped off by the judges on the first show, the producers invited me back for a special “Shakespeare” show.

Red Face Christmas Show 1987

The same poem as on Have a Go, but with the famous Red Symons put down at the end.

Red Symons Put Down

A shortened version of the video above, where  it jumps straight to the Red Symons put down.

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